Frequently Asked Questions

What is Videotape?

It's the first and only online discussion tool that lets you make video comments on other videos. We've built technology that seamlessly moves a video from the web to your Videotape app so you can add your own video and audio to it. When you're finished, the video posts back to the website it came from.


I have a website. Why should i care about videotape?

The best performing websites in the world invite their audiences to join in discussion about their content. It increases page views and time spent on your websites. Also, businesses that engage with their customers online increase conversions by an average 18% and increase the likelihood of referrals by 90%.

Videotape provides the tools for audiences to join in the creation of content. They can add their own video content to your videos. Or they can upload their videos to your page. This adds shareable user-generated content to your website and builds community.


I don't have a website. Why should I care about Videotape?

Have you ever had the difficulty of describing the exact moment of a video when you leave a text comment? Have you ever wanted to react to a video clip with the perfect gif or a video clip you have on your phone? Well, now you can.


What is a Jumpcut?

Jumpcut is the video interaction tool we've built in our mobile app. It's made to let you jump in to any moment of a video so you can comment with video and audio instead of just text. Text comments are boring. You know it. We know it.

When you Jumpcut a video, you can quickly and easily…

  • Record or import a video reply to any second
  • Record voiceovers
  • Import multiple clips of video to make it tell your own story
  • Drop in the perfect animated gif from a searchable library

When you post a Jumpcut, it’s yours. It doesn’t replace the original video, so don’t worry about making any enemies.


Why is commenting and Jumpcutting done with my iPhone?

Your phone is the center of your media. It has a great camera for shooting on the go, plus it has all of your saved videos ready to import. Sitting in front of your computer’s webcam just can’t compete.


Why video commenting?

It’s difficult to see the true meaning behind text comments. Many times comments can be taken the wrong way, and other times it’s just hard to truly express ourselves in a few sentences.

Video commenting brings our discussions alive. Jumpcutting videos brings these discussions to the next level.


Can I post my video to my other networks?

Yes! Once your video finishes uploading, a share button will appear in your Videotape app.


Where can I find Videotape commenting online?

We’re rapidly increasing the availability of Videotape on your favorite websites. Anywhere you see this button, we’re there! See our current list of partners here.


Want to see Videotape on your favorite website? Let us know at


Can I leave a text comment instead?

Yes! Text commenting is supported on the Videotape discussion thread.


Why do I have to sign in before adding to a Videotape comment thread?

Signing in on both the Videotape comment thread and the mobile app lets us know that it’s you who is leaving the comment. It provides a level of security and protection for our users.


Is Videotape available for Android?

Our mobile app is not yet available for Android, but you can expect its release in the near future. Thanks for your patience!